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Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife 1434

Jan Van Eyck

Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife 1434 - Jan Van Eyck -

Title:Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife 1434
Painted by:Jan Van Eyck
Location:National Gallery, London, England
Dimensions:23.62 inch wide x 32.28 inch high

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this painting rocks.

Posted by mudi heeyl on 13.February 2009, 14:49

After the finding of ancient documents in Lille (FR)(Rijssel in Flemish)it appeared that this could not be the mentioned portrait. More likely this is a portrait ordered by a rich unknown medieval businessman, living in Bruges and coming back from Italie(?)after a businesstrip. He married there and, after arrival in his residence in Bruges, he presented his pregnant wife to the servants (in the mirror) as being the new "lady of the house". Jan van Eyck was an excellent portraitpainter and he had also mouth to feed. As we take photographes now it was then widelyspread to order a painting. Sometimes the thruth is nearer and simpler as we thought. This is off course not science and I accept all well funded comments.Exceptionnel high standard.
portrait of giovanni Arnolfini & his wife
Posted by Alain Adriaens on 21.October 2010, 15:46

Her stomach looks a little TOO big

Posted by sns on 11.October 2011, 15:58

This is the one and only painting I remember from my Indiana University Art course in 1978. I still love it.

Posted by Kim H on 21.April 2012, 10:56

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